6 - 20 Aug 2017 - Funtastic Summer at Discovery Bay
Discovery Bay will make summer "Funtastic" again for all ages! From 6 to 20 Aug, come experience the rush of adrenalin when sliding down the towering inflatable slides on Tai Pak Beach and the thriling inflatable Beach Arena. Meanwhile, kids can also enjoy more fun games at the inflatable playground at DB North plaza.

All activities are Free!
WeWet! Water Slides

The six eye-catching gigantic inflatable slides that come in various heights (3m, 4.5m, 6m and 8m). After trying the "modest" slides, get ready for the ultimate test of courage: the 8-metre-tall sensational slide!

Height restrictions:
3m & 4.5m slides: 90 - 130cm (
Game rules)
6m & 8m slides:    130cm or above 
(Game rules)

Mini Powerboat
Kids will love to have a taste of speed as captains of their own Mini Powerboats.

Height restriction: 95 - 135cm
(Game rules)
Unleash your inner Ninja with Sweeper, a fun yet challenging game that tests your agility, balance and responsiveness. Dodge giant inflatable rods coming at your and see who's the last one standing!

Height restriction: 140cm or above
(Game rules)


Brave Young Jumper
Calling all daredevils! Muster all the strength and coordination to leap over the four red one-metre-wide balls, and land on the other side safe and sound!

Height restriction: 140cm or above
(Game rules)

Mushroom Windmill
The giant five-metre-tall Mushroom Windmill offers much bouncy fun for kids!

Height restriction: 90 - 140cm
(Game rules)
Strawberry Wonderland

Truly a bouncy wonderland for the kids - as well as the perfect snapshot-worthy check-in spot for social media!

Height restriction: 90 - 140cm
(Game rules)
Colourful World

Slide-cum-bouncy house-cum-obstacle race, this game is the ultimate test of kids' agility.

Height restriction: 80 - 120cm
(Game rules)

Weekend Special - Balloon Twisting Redemption

Redeem one balloon for spending of every HK$100 or above in a same day single transaction at designated DB North Plaza restaurants* and claim up to three balloons with one single receipt.

Available on every Sat and Sun during the promotion period.
*DB North Plaza designated restaurants:% Arabica, Cali-Mex, Chef's Choice, Jaspa's, Mirch Masala, Moofish, Nevale Kitchen, Nura, Paisano's, THE VENUE and Uncle Russ Coffee.
Games Terms and Conditions apply.
In case of adverse weather, please refer to HERE.
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