1 - 14 Feb 2017 Romantic Rendezvous
String and symphonic quartet performances spread love with romantic music

We are pleased to bring back some classic romantic hits performed by string and symphonic quartet at D’Deck and DB North Plaza. The romantic music will sure strike a chord with the lovers!  
Dates:                    11, 12 and 14 February 2017
Performance:        Winds quartet
Time & Venue:      DB North Plaza - 5:30pm - 7:00pm  

Dates:                     11, 12 and 14 February 2017
Performance:         String quartet
Time & Venue:       D’Deck - 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Classic Heart-shaped Candle Lights on Tai Pak Beach

Tai Pak Beach will again be lit up with thousands of romantic candles in various giant heart shapes on Valentine’s evening. Coupled with glittering backdrop of Disneyland fireworks, it is the ideal setting for couples to capture that magical moment.

Date:                      14 February 2017 (Tuesday)
Time:                      6pm to 11pm
Venue:                   Tai Pak Beach
Play Online Game and Stand a Chance to Win a One-carat Diamond

Romantic Rendezvous @ Discovery Bay has special surprises in store for couples. Play the “Romantic Bonanza” online game and you will have chance to win the big prizes in five stages. Prizes include a dinner for two at Discovery Bay, a one-hour Horse-drawn Carriage Ride, a one-hour voyage on The Bounty and the grand prize a one-carat diamond. All prizes are worth a total of HK$120,000.

1/2     1-Hour Cruise on The Bounty (1 prize)
3/2     1-Hour Romantic Horse-Carriage Ride (1 prize)
5/2      Valentine's Day Dinner for 2 - 1st game (2 prizes)
7/2      Valentine's Day Dinner for 2 - 2nd game (2 prizes)
9/2      One-carat Diamond (1 prize)

How to enter into the online game:
1.       Like our “Visit Discovery Bay” Facebook page
2.       Like this post
3.       Leave your answer in the designated Facebook post
4.       The lucky winner will be announced on Facebook

Terms & Conditions
1. Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (“HKR”) is the organizer of the facebook game (“the Event”).

2. Submission falls due at the time announced in the Facebook feed. Late submissions will not be accepted.

3. By participating in the Event, participants agree and accept the terms and conditions.

4. Each participant can only participate once with one Facebook account in the Event. If participants are found to have used incorrect information, fake accounts, or modify programs to participate in the Event, HKR reserves the right to cancel their submission.

5. Winners will be announced on Visit Discovery Bay Facebook page. Winners will be selected by HKR. Participants cannot object to the decisions made.

6. Participants are required to check the winner announcement on Facebook. Winners must submit via the Facebook private message function on Visit Discovery Bay Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/messages/VisitDiscoveryBay) with their personal information (Full English name and email address). Late messages will not be accepted. Winners who fail to provide all the information required as aforesaid or provide inaccurate or unidentifiable information will be forfeited the right to receive the prize. In such case, HKR reserve the right to re-assign the prize to other participants of the Event without prior notice.

7. HKR shall be the sole party to determine the time as stipulated hereinbefore for the purpose of the Event.

8. Winners will be selected and recorded according to HKR’s computer database. Participants shall not object to the decisions made.

9. HKR shall not be liable for the participants’ failure to participate or delay or loss of information due to computer, network, telephone, or other technical failures, HKR will not be liable for any loss of information. Participants shall not hold HKR accountable to such losses.

10. Facebook is not involved in terms of sponsorship, endorsement or the event administration of the Event. Facebook holds no liability for this Event.

11. Each prize is subject to terms & conditions. Details please refer to prize letter.

12. In case of any dispute, HKR reserves the right of final decision, including the right to suspend, change, modify or terminate the Event and the terms and conditions without prior notice.

13. In case of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.
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